UltraSlo Slow motion Exploding action

Exploding in slow motion

Things that blow up in slow motion always capture people’s attention and play it in slow motion and they just won't turn away. This play list is a very popular slow motion video page. We blow up Cell phones and cars in slow motion that no insurance company will fix. Well for now they are toy cars with firecrackers but we all did it as kids and some of us have just not grown up!

Speaking of not growing up yet we do a lot of things with food too! Remember what they say “If life hands you a lemon then make lemonade”, well they were not in the UltraSlo Studio were we just blow it up in slow motion.

If a friend is texting or on their phone much to much then send them a link to the exploding cell phone. Yes in slow motion a small firecracker goes a long way. The exploding cell phone is one of my favorite shots because of the way it came apart as it blew up.

Speaking of firecrackers we have an epic shot of a firecracker exploding. It is festinating to watch the way the paper unrolls as the explosion flashes and burns for a split second. But in slow motion you get to see some detail that has not been shown anywhere else.

For the apple enthusiasts we also blowup an apple and a blackberry. We also blow up an apple and a blackberry in one shot. Before you get disappointed they are a fruit and a burry.
So we have UltraSlo slow motion exploding food and lots of other things too. May I remind you, don't eat a apple or blackberry in the UltraSlo Studio. It is all in good fun with a little education thrown in too (in some places). Enjoy don’t forget to share this list of awesome slow motion video clips with your friends too.

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