UltraSlo Animals

Slow motion introduces us to the way every animal or for that matter, object in the world around us moves. Every motion is better in slow motion, yes I said it and I mean it! These are some of the animals that have found themselves in front of our UltraSlo, slow motion cameras. Nature has an amazing way of making things move and you just can't see it until you see it in slow motion. It is UltraSlo that brings you so much more detail that you find yourself developing a new appreciation for the way animals move.

Slow motion allows you to see detail in the way wings move on a bird and the way air flows over the wing. Viewing the way a dog moves in slow motion is also fascinating. You can see how a dog’s tong scoops up water in slow motion, it is not what you might expect. Dogs running are great to watch also. Different dogs have very different ways of running, again this is something that you may not expect.  
Slow motion also allows you to compare the way say a dog and a horse run or the way a goose and a humming birds wings move thru the air. No matter what we shoot people seem to universally say Wow I had no idea or they just call our clips Epic.

We use some of the best technologies in the world to capture images. One of the most important parts of any camera or imaging system is the lenses that you use. I have been using a wide variety of lenses from Sigma. We have been using their 200 to 500 MM F 2.8 lens and we also sometimes add a 2X extender to reach out to shoot people and animals at over a quarter of a mile away.

Enjoy these slow motion clips and check back often for new clips

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