Still Photography of nature

Still Photography of Alan Teitel

Ok first you need to see this Nokia Refocus image. Click on the part of the piture that you want to see in focus and it is. you can also cheat and get the whole image in focus! It is just another new thing! Still photographs by Alan Teitel of nature and the world around us have been called dynamic, sensitive and insightful. Well I just like to capture what I see. You will also find stills from the UltraSlo video collection here. You can have these photos printed on many gift items. I am very interested in all forms of photographic imaging. My still photography work reflects my eclectic interests and eye for composition. You will see a multi camera portrate image that was done as a test. I hope to commercialize it for online catalog work soon. We also produce some outragius lenticular prints up to 3 by 4 feet. All of the crrent prints are currently sold out.

Image Test for online catalog images

Gif test no background


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You can also have our images printed on many gift items here.

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