About Us

These are the slow motion Videos of UltraSlo, a production company founded by Alan Teitel a two time Emmy Award winning cinematographer.  Alan specializes in creating unique slow motion and 3d images that are truly captivating. His unique outlook and viewing perspective based on his twenty years of slow motion and 3d work which allow him to see the world at a much different speed.

Alan has supplied UltraSlo slow motion video clips to schools, universities, museums, commercials both regional and national too as well as other documentaries and entertainment programing. UltraSlo has served over a quarter of a billion videos on line over the years. In the early days of YouTube the UltraSlo channel had reached the top 20 of science and technology channels.

Alan is also a director, cinematographer and producer of national commercials, documentaries, and dramatic scenes. Alan has two Emmy's for Cinematography and Technical Achievement as well as 4 other nominations six for his outstanding work in film and digital imaging. Alan enjoys shooting different images like Slow motion and 3D especially gun fights, action sports, sting rays, and dolphins. (well maybe just about anything in between as well). If the tool does not exist to get the shot Alan will make it. The best thing about Alan's work is that is always different and he wakes up each day invigorated about what the new shoots of the day will bring.

Slow motion is being viewed all over the web and the cameras are getting better and smaller as well as cheaper now allowing many new entries into the slow motion production field. You will not find anyone on the web with the love and passion for shooting slow motion video images than Alan has. Please join him in his journey into the world around him looking at it thru faster eyes.

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