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We constantly use our senses to view and experience the world around us. Many people take our world for granted, but those of us who are a bit more curious tend to look a little closer and see things a little differently. At UltraSlo, we are fortunate to have the best high speed cameras to capture our magnificent world in awesome slow motion.

Slow motion video clips captured with some of the best high speed cameras in the world reveal subtle beauty of the natural world we live in. We have captured the sheer power of an osprey in flight and the aggressive nature of the small hummingbirds in the garden. We have also observed insects with macro lenses attached to our high speed cameras shooting the smallest things moving fast in slow motion.

I am so totally taken in by the ultimate design that has evolved in nature as seen in some of our slow motion video clips. Yes we do silly too. Every kid has stuck a firecracker in something and blown it up and we do it too. We have blown up lots of toys and food making a real mess while we have fun.

Capturing slow motion video is my passion, here you will find everything from silly to science to serious to sexy, and experience it in a way never before imagined. We use our slow motion footage to encourage viewers to be aware of the world around them, to enjoy it, protect it and learn from it. We also like to just have fun.

UltraSlo is the most popular slow motion video site on the internet. We've recently started a new project called "From Silly To Science", and are excited to bring you higher quality, better resolution slow motion videos that encompass all things silly and sciencey. As we begin this new project, we are asking for your help to share the UltraSlo web site with friends, family and everyone who shares our love for all things in slow motion.

Please leave a comment or suggestion of what you'd like to see. You can also enjoy UltraSlo slow motion clips on your Smart Phones and Connected TV's. Enjoy

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